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Before leaving


  • Don't forget a visit to the dentist, your vaccinations, to bring your doctor's coordinates and to subscibe to an international health care program.
    Also bring a complete first aid and medecine kit.

  • Vaccinations :
    This is the first thing to plan, a few month before leaving. No vaccination is obligatory anymore, but the comon ones, such as: DT-polio, tuberculosis as well as hepatitis are strongly recommended. It is also advisable to have the yellow fever vaccination. Don't forget to bring along your vaccination records, especially for travel outside senegal.

  • Malaria :
    Even if it not common anymore in Europe, it is still one of the deadliest diseases in the world. There is still no vaccination for it. Transmitted by the mosquito, it is during the rainny season (June to October) that the risks are highest. Having preventive medecine as well as the treatment is important. In general, pills such as nivaquine, palludrine, savarine, larium or melarone are recommended for prevention. These nedd to be started a week before arriving, and continued for a month after leaving. Have Melarone or Fansidar on hand for treatment, in case malaria is contrazcted.
    No treatment is 100 % effective, the best treatment is to avoid being stung, using bug sprays or wearing socks.

  • Medecines :
    In the pharmacies of the major cities, you can find most prescription drugs available in Europe. However, travelers should come prepared
    In the villages, the health centers only have rudimentary medecine at their disposal, such as nivaquine, antibiotics, vitamines, antifungals, antidiareas, vaccinations etc...

Useful adresses

  • In France :
    - Sénégalese Consulate : 22, rue Hamelin, 75016 Paris. Tel :  01-44-05-38-48. Fax : 01-47-55-99-40. Open from 9 h 30 to17 h Monday to Fridays.
    - Sénégalese Embassy : 14, av. Robert- Schumann, 75007 Paris. Tel :  01-47-05-39-45. Fax : 01-45-56-04-30. M. : Invalides. Open from 9 h to13 h and from 14 h to17 h Monday to Fridays.
  • In Belgium :
    - Sénégalese Embassy : av. Franklin-Roosevelt, 196, Bruxelles 1050. Tel :  02-673-00-97 ou 02-673-43-97.
  • In Switzerland :
    - Sénégalese Consulate : 25, route de Berne, 1010 Lausanne. Tel :  021-652-18-42.


A valid passport is sufficient for citizens of the European Union and the United States. Your passport needs to be good until six month after the entry date. A visa is necessary for the Swiss.
Usually you have to have a return ticket. Else, you might be asked for a caution (equivalent to the price of a return trip).
When you arrive you have to fill out a visitor's card. You can give your embassy's address if you don't already have a hotel.
If you desire to travel through the Gambia, you will need to ask for a multiple entry visa, or you might encounter difficulties at the border.



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