Saint-Louis du Sénégal


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Coming to Saint-Louis

By plane

  • Arriving in Dakar : Tickets are on sale in all major travel agencies.
    Once arrived in Dakar, it is possible to take a taxi directly to Saint Louis. If it is still early, go to the gare routière, close to down town (around a 3000 FCFA taxi fare). The rates are very low, but there you will need to take public transport. Dakar to Saint-Louis a minimum of four hours.
    You can also plan for a taxi to take you straight from the airport of Dakar to bring you directly to Saint-Louis.

By car

  • Coming to Saint-Louis by car : It is much longer (Count a minimum of 15 days from Paris), but muchmore enriching ! Passe through Spain and the Detroit of Gibraltar, the Marocan Rif... thee Sahara, Mauritania and here you are... It is far from impossible. We will soon develop a part on this theme as Saint-Louis is a logical lay-over for those coming to Sub-Saharan Africa by car...




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